Everhot Water Heater



Frequently Asked Questions

Galvanized inner tank

Galvanized coating on the inner surface of the tank, made of high quality thick hot dipped galvanized steel to provide effective heating & prevent corrosion, which means hygienic water to every user every time.

Cathodic protection

A sacrificial magnesium anode guarantees maximum protection of the inner tank against the damaging effects of an electrochemical reaction in water heating which ensures the long life inner tank.

Heating element

The heating element (made in Italy – a copper sheathed heating element) permits rapid thermal exchange, made of high-quality copper, which is threaded and easy to replace.

Double safety thermostat

The Italian thermostat is combined with the temperature regulator. The system has a dual overheating control mechanism, which cuts off the supply of the power automatically in the event of failure of the main thermostat.

Safety Valve

Twin function safety cum non-return valve manufactured by industrial leaders in Italy maintains pressure inside the boiler and prevents chances of ruptures or leakage of the tank, in the event of thermostat failure.

Stainless steel pipes

Inlet and outlet pipes are fabricated from corrosion-resistant high-quality stainless steel which can be easily withdrawn for removal of anytime scale deposits.


Heaters are thermally insulated with high-density CFC free polyurethane foam (PUF) filled around the inner tank for excellent heat retention which minimizes heat loss and ultimately saves energy.

Outer Casing

The outer body is made of superior quality steel sheet coated with epoxy powder-white ensures a long-lasting and superior finish.

Plastic Protection Cover

Which is easy to remove and fix during periodic maintenance & resetting

Other features that are hard to miss

“Thermometer” at the top of the water heater enables to ensure the availability of hot water.
“Pilot Lamp” indicates the unit is in the healing phase.
“Anti-splash Mechanism” prevents the mixing of hot water with cold water and ensures a continuous supply of hot water at all times.