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Centour Water Heaters : Horizontal

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    We provide both vertical and horizontal varieties of the same high quality and efficiency. These heaters with capacities ranging from 40 to 65 liters provide hot water fast and easily.


    Galvanized Tank for Durability

    Centour’s horizontal water heaters are long-lasting, featuring a galvanized tank that resists corrosion. Your water heater’s galvanized tank will protect it from rust and corrosion.


    Italian Components for Reliability

    We only use the finest quality vertical and horizontal water heaters built in Italy to provide an unlimited supply of hot water. Centour water heaters have been independently certified for quality and dependability.


    Choose Centour Water Heaters

    Centour Water Heaters are the finest option for dependable and efficient hot water delivery because to their 1-year guarantee, galvanized tanks, Italian components, and excellent heat retention. Because of its efficiency and longevity, a Centour water heater can supply enough hot water for even the largest family.