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Excel Water Heaters : Horizontal

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    Our horizontal models offer the same level of reliability and performance as our vertical water heaters. Available in 40L and 65L sizes, these water heaters are designed to provide efficient and convenient hot water supply.

    Galvanized Tank for Longevity

    The horizontal water heaters by Excel also feature a galvanized tank, guaranteeing durability and protection against corrosion. The galvanized tank is specifically designed to withstand demanding water conditions, ensuring a water heater that lasts.

    Italian Components for Reliable Performance

    Just like our vertical models, the horizontal water heaters are equipped with high-quality Italian components, ensuring reliable and consistent hot water supply. Excel Water Heaters are built to deliver exceptional performance and durability.

    Choose Excel Water Heaters

    With a 2-year guarantee, galvanized tanks, Italian components, and excellent heat retention, Excel Water Heaters provide unmatched performance and reliability. Trust in Excel for superior water heaters that meet the highest standards and exceed your expectations. Experience the excellence of Excel Water Heaters today.