Everhot Water Heater


Everhot water heaters- Comfort and Innovation

Water heaters play a vital role in our healthy being and comfort. At Everhot, we have created premium Galvanized and Glass Lined water heaters where comfort meets innovation.

A leading water heater supplier in Dubai, Everhot is one of the UAE’s oldest and most trusted brands. To avoid relying on more expensive imported water heaters, we offer premium products at affordable prices.

With thousands of water heaters in the market, Everhot has surpassed the quality and features, being an absolute game changer and a leading expert in the water heater industry for over 48 years.

Our vision at Everhot is to provide excellent services and solutions for leading MEP Companies, Contractors, Builders, Residential owners and more. Over the years, Everhot has helped hundreds of companies to lend flourishing projects.

Founded in 1975 in Dubai, Everhot has constantly evolved with ever-increasing technology and innovation. Our team of experts strategically plans and executes the most exceptional services tailored to cater to unique requirements and struggles.

You need to consider several factors when making your decision, but one of the most important is the brand. Various companies produce water heaters, and deciding which is best for your needs can be challenging.

Over the years, our customers have benefited from the most innovative features using our premium water heaters. Think of us as a critical help you can use to help enhance your business.

Here’s how becoming an Everhot contractor can aid you in connecting with both your customers and potential customers to take your business to elevated revenue heights-

  • Italian Components
  • The components used to make our water heaters are made in Italy, ensuring the utmost quality. That’s where you feel the difference. The Italian features are the finest existing elements ideal for water heaters to offer a premium experience.

  • 2x Efficient Water Heating
  • Cold water blues take a back seat with our exclusive 2x efficient heating. We have made hot water accessible in just a few seconds using world-class technology.

  • After-Sale Services
  • Our exceptional after-sale services at Everhot are a class apart that makes us different from the ordinary. From the moment you choose ever hot, you choose comfort. Our team of experts helps you with 24×7 and 365 days of relentless service so that you don’t face any inconvenience. We douse our customers from easy replacement to lifelong benefits with top-class perks and instant solutions.

    Since its founding in 1975, Everhot has provided innovative hot water solutions to thousands of homeowners, business owners, property managers, contractors, MEP companies and engineers.

    There are no better choices for quality and diversity in residential and commercial water heaters than Everhot. Everhot provides an energy-efficient solution with maximum value during and for years after installation. Everhot stands behind its services and customers with world-class service, incorporating cutting-edge technology with dedicated people who take pride in being the best.

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